Thursday, January 7, 2010

I'd look at the bank.
The always shine in Omdurman in April. Omdurman usually hot at this time of the year. The men started cutting the piece wood. The water Carrier field his tin from the Nile and take them to people near the bank.
The merchant want to carry his load to other bank.
He had came by his car.
He open his cars' door.
No he didn't go back to his car.
The airplane hasn't landed yet.
The ferry has just left to Tutti but it has still in water.
None of the boats has gone through the bridge.
I have been to the bank with my friends and it was fantastic .
I don't want to go there again.
Today the become dirty of the people throw in water.
It has made the Nile worst place to go.

Day to remember in my life

War started in south Sudan.
People moved away from there.
Some went east and some went west or north to safe their lives.
I moved with my family to Khartoum. But the conditions get worst so I traveled abroad.
And after five years I came back again to my country. That day was traffics. I look the happiness in my family eyes. I notice that really(Home sweet home) . I decide not to leave my country under any conditions .

Thursday, December 3, 2009

My cellphone

As a development of technology,and help people getting contact each other,and the distance is become no matter.The mobile phone become important.
For me it's important to talk to friends and family specially when i am far away travel or abroad out first mobile was Nokia 3310.
but i use Nokia 73 with Zain sim card and Sumsung mobile with Sudani Sim card and lg with Mtn Sim card.I use phone just when it necessary no Sm's a lot.
the mobile may let you get concern or headache so i am not using it to much.
for my option teens are forbidden to use the cellphones for their health and not wasting their money.< >

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Place I like

I want to talk about my country Sudan the largest country in Africa and Arab world.
It is about million mile square distance.the river Nile is run across from Uganda far in south to Egypt far north.Traditions in Sudan are mixes between Arab in north and some places in the middle of Sudan.And African tribes in south and east and West.
Historically Sudan is famous with their braves.
From Almahdi who Gordon was killed at his time when he open Khartoum up to Alazahry the bring us independent. I love because of the way people live and use to.
After all it is our motherland.

Internet uses

I use Internet for searching for informations,sometimes we upload or download,file pictures,and musics.
there are another good things in Internet,like E-mails,and news web sites.
Me I use the Internet for all,chating with friend and other people we meet there,
and as informations provider.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Juba South Sudan

This place is in Juba South Sudan, it's called Rock City.It's fresh air, good viewing and green.

Those are my friend ,


Would someone leave place like this, and go to life in desert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I love my motherland Awiel allthow I didn't visit it soon,but I looking forward to visit it in the future time.Now I am in Khartoum and study here, I like my teachers and my colluages.